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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Heaven in Chicago

I visited heaven today.

(I know, I know! Such a surprise that I was admited!)

The heaven I'm reverring to is USA's first certified organic bakery: The Bleeding Heart Bakery. (2018 West Chicago ave, bw Damen & Hoyne - website under construction)

They make magical food there. Below, witness the sort of magical food, slaved over by American Culinary Federation's pastry chef of the year Michelle Garcia.

I'd prefer to think of her as a pastry activist, turning her high ethical and animal–rights standards into edible art.

(slobber, slobber)

I had brunch today at the Bakery, enjoying tofu chiliquilas with refried beans, and splitting a pecan tart with my gracious hosts. My sweet tooth isn't well developped enough to properly exploit the potential of this restaurant (another vegan option on the menu was the "Smores Pancake Platter") but just being surrounded by sweet 'n' fancy vegan food was a tickling thrill.

All the vegan cupcakes whispering "eat me eat me eat me" — and the only thing sustaining my restraint is the knowledge of the stupor/coma that would surely ensue. A sugar coma would have ruined my afternoon, which I gleefully squandered in bookstores.

Dinner in Someone Else's Kitchen

Tonight I dished up some impromptu fare to feed myself and my host. I love cooking in other people's kitchens — it makes even a minor culinary success feel lucky, as not being able to find most of the ingredients you'd like to use is the kitchen equivalent of a racing handicap.

Alongside some organic brown vegan rice, we enjoyed a paneer–esque preparation of tofu, tossed unceremoniously into a green bean and sweet potato curry dish. Tasty, but not very photogenic. My camera was left at home, so it hardly matters.

I can't wait to see the vegan airplane food tomorrow (I'm flying home in the comfy seats) — I like to start by expecting disappointment and then being pleasantly surprised when things turn out to be edible. Usually they break my heart by serving me cucumber and anaemic tomato on soggy white bread sandwiches, and sliced melon.

Coming up: More on my hate of all things melon and melon–related.


five said...

I'm quite jealous. I haven't had cupcakes in DAYS!!

Vincent Guihan said...

I like to start disappointed, too. Lowered expectations is the key to happiness. ;)